Up at the Villa: Travels with my Husband


I love to travel — my bags can be packed in 15 minutes. And I especially love Italy.

I used to love to hear my family members speak loud, passionate Italian to one another. I knew I wanted to go where that language was spoken one day, and I’ve been lucky enough to have been to Italy many times now — but it’s never enough.

What’s been best for me has been traveling over the years with good friends. Also, with my husband. Ah . . . Tim. My constant traveling companion, and the catalyst for so many crazy and wonderful stories that need to be told.

If you’ve ever had a funny or frustrating or life-changing experience in another county or another country, then UP AT THE VILLA is for you. And whether you’re planning a trip to the Sistine Chapel or to your comfy flowered sofa, this beautifully illustrated collection of true stories, practical tips and lessons from the road will be excellent company.

Buon viaggio!

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With the beauty of her prose and poetry, Jenkins provides a window on all of those small things that make Italy so alluring. At the same time she artfully captures the nuances of relationships and what makes them tick. A lovely book.
— Kathy McCabe, Editor and Publisher, Dream of Italy Travel Newsletter (www.dreamofitaly.com)

I was hooked at the first few lines of the prologue in Linda Dini Jenkins’ Up at the Villa: Travels with my Husband. Recounting a wildly romantic tale of a young, ’60s-era Southern California man and woman who meet by happenstance at lunchtime one day and set off on an extravagant life of love and travel, the book’s introduction is enchanting. Being a sucker for a great love story, I was eager to see where this travel book was going to take me. But a reader would be mistaken to think this is just a travel book. In fact, it is part travelogue, part memoir, part recipe book, part poetry tome and part advice column. And it is, in part, a personal love story, as Jenkins is clearly compatibly connected to her travel cohort, husband Tim, who sounds like exactly the type of person everyone should travel with — adventurous, fun, impulsive, intrepid and unflappable (except when pressed to speak French, as the chapter titled Lost in Lille attests)…

— Karen Eakins, Home and Away magazine

Anyone who has traveled with a significant other knows the ups and downs of the journey. And … Linda Dini Jenkins recounts them with wit and warmth in Up at the Villa: Travels With My Husband. A love story as well as a travel memoir, Up at the Villa combines stories, essays, poetry and photography — as well as recipes and tips for travelers (through the world and through a relationship). So are we there yet? Maybe, maybe not, but the journey’s the important thing, as Jenkins points out in every page of this book.

— Jay Strafford, Richmond Times—Dispatch

One of the Ten Travel Books I’d Give My Girlfriends!

— JourneyWoman.com

Turn up the sound on your computers and have a look and a listen. It’s only four minutes long. This is me, meeting myself in my bella Italia. This is the work of the wonderfully talented Richard Buckley.

Grazie per tutti, Buck!

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